He is an older man dating a much younger woman. However, men are no fools they know their money can buy them a young woman they can use as eye candy. Her feminine desires pushes her into and affair with a boy that she has met; one that makes her feel the way she felt when she was in school. Recommended by The Wall Street Journal SONGLYRICS just got interactive. As she drives to the city, she imagines what it will be like when they get together with great anticipation! There is no sexual satisfaction in her marriage and soon her lust drives her so insane that she is willing to risk everything that she has. Feeling sorry for herself, not knowing when this old guy is going to die, and knowing that it could be along time, she is doomed. Money did not change her at all as she thought, she is still the same old lust filled, party girl that she use to be. But times is fleeting and she has to go. Cheating occurs due to boredom and empty life. The passengers are hopelessness and heartbreak. Heyo! Some people couldn't live like that, but others delight in it. ultimate guitar com. But she will marry him for money and not love. Only someone who feels no shame in cheating can enjoy such a life. Once knew a man that said, " as long as I buy her a new Mercedes every year and pay her credit card bills, I can do whateverI want." She set up this life she has now, but realizes now that she is no better, no happier than before and perhaps her one true love moved on to someone else so its too late to go back to him so she is trapped in this loveless marriage and feels like a fool. I can see you holding back the pain. Превод на песента „她说 (Tā shuō)“ на JJ Lin (林俊傑(Lin Jun Jie); 林俊杰(Wayne Lim Jun Jie)) от китайски на английски I believe one must be content with oneself before dating another person. sort form View by: Highest Rated ... who is cheating on her husband. Tell your older friend that there are still a lot of women who will marry for love. Thinks about a boy she knew in school...they are in it together. But what JJ Lin did instead, was incredible. JJ Lin Lyrics. Classic interpretation of a woman that marries for money not love. A girl who feels tired and unappreciated in her marriage. Broken hearts and empty bank accounts. Glenn Frey weaves a great story around the premise of cheating. Μετάφραση του '她说 (Tā shuō)' από JJ Lin (林俊傑(Lin Jun Jie); 林俊杰(Wayne Lim Jun Jie)) από Κινεζικά σε Αγγλικά (function() { Tabs Articles Forums Wiki + … Track listing "她說" (She Says) "愛笑的眼睛" (Smiling Eyes) "只對你有感覺" (Feel for You) "當你" (Whenever) "一眼萬年" (Forever) It’s super easy, we promise! She married a rich man she doesn't love but can't leave the passion from the man who can't give her the "lifestyle" she wants. JJ Lin - She Says Album. What always caught me about this song was the last verse. So they made up a somng about it. She cannot give up the marital convenience nor can she give up the one she loves. The ladies the eagles saw were probably sociopaths seeking security and rich lifestyle. JJ LIN By Your Side Lyrics. /* TFP - lyricinterpretations */ I know. She arrives they fall into each others arms and satisfy their lust's and passions. A young woman marries a rich older man thinking it would make her happy, but she is not happy, she is lonely in a big old house, but she is safe. She tries to tell herself that she is happy, first that the rich old man makes her happy, and then that having an affair makes her happy. Yet she has cheated on him but enjoyed the lavish meals and trips. She’s not fooling anyone. Cao Cao Album. He ignites a passion in her that she doesn't have at home. They learn what it is that a man wants, or most men anyway. Powerful indeed. She Says 她說 : Smiling Eyes 爱笑的眼睛: Feel for You 只對你有感覺: Whenever 當你: Forever 一眼萬年: Protective colors 保護色: The Taste of Love 握不住的他: Wall 心牆: Loving Her 我很想愛他: Remember 記得: Perfect World 完美新世界: I Am: COMMENTS. So she returns home and repeats the pattern of lies. I kind of think it means that time has passed, she is with the new guys, but now she is thinking of a boy from school. He is home thinking her eyes are lying to me and he wants to tell her she cant hide it, her smile towards him isnt for him it's for her extra life she has found herself. Breadcrumb. i hope you know that she doesn't mean … Her lover can satisfy her need for sex, may even have a lot uncommon with her. She feels trapped and foolish in a web of her own making. The fast life living in the big city produces an ocean of competition amongst the young girls especially in high school. Dark / Light Mode. - sells soul for false peace: alcohol He knows that she is going back to the city to fulfill her sexual needs. Brilliant song. Thinking to herself further, she laughs at herself thinking that things did not go the way she planned. We're not just another lyric site. In 2011, he signed to Warner Music Taiwan. JJ Lin (林俊傑) was randomly shopping with his friend when he heard a busker sing his song 江南. Carefully she pursued this old guy thinking, and hoping that living the rich life would take the place of what she had become and was use to being. She gets out of bed and has to pour herself a drink - a strong drink to calm her anxiety to fall asleep. 50+ videos Play all Mix - Ta Shuo / She Says 她说 - accoustic guitar with lyrics YouTube 她说 - JJ Lin (Piano Instrumental) - Duration: 4:42. deborahmusiclife 43,550 views A cute smile to an old man with money, a bat or wink of the eye and they have them snared. Love is more important than money. Glenn Frey said at the Hollywood Bowl concert a few years ago that he and Don would be sitting at the bar at Dan Tana's in Hollywood and watch these young babes come on to the old dudes. She ends up sad, poor, and alone, thinking about a guy she used to know and figuring out that living a lie didn't change her and she is still the same foolish, naive girl she used to be. Her eyes, when she leaves as well as her smile tells it all. I believe one must think carefully of marriage. On the Floor Lyrics: It's something about ya', girl, that just makes my head wanna twirl / You got me wanting to tell all them other girls, "There's nothing else better on this world" / The moment I But the big question is, is she willing to give up the fancy lifestyle her wealthy husband provides for her for a life with her lover which can't provide that same lifestyle. She Says (simplified Chinese: 她说; traditional Chinese: 她說) is the eighth studio album by Singaporean singer JJ Lin, released on 21 January 2011 by Ocean Butterflies. Why else would they say she's still the same old girl she used to be? The song has new meaning to me as never before. All lyrics provided for educational purposes only. Album: Cao Cao. White hall that is. This is the the perfect song about a younger wife such as was my own. She has a lover she goes to some nights desperate for the intimacy she is without at home. song: "Lyin' Eyes", Standing in the window she stares out at the stars in the sky. The end line gives this song away that the singer is talking about his wife. gets it and is more empty No doubt indicating that this man will soon be dead and they will be able not only to spend time but his money too, together. It's not wrong to be lonely. and when she breaks down and makes a sound. A preview of his 9th album was made available on 12 December 2011 on various Chinese internet radio channels. Her husband has thoughts something is going on due to what she wears,how she looks etc when she goes out after putting the children to bed. Ta Shuo 她说 (She Says) Ta Shuo is another his sad song, composed by him and lyrics by Stefanie Sun, the melody of the song is undeniable beautiful. SongMeanings is a community of thousands of music lovers who contribute song lyrics, discuss interpretations, and connect over songs and artists they love! She thinks about her one true love in school. English Translations: Your eyes hold too many tears. Album: She Says. you'll never hear her the way that i do. Ta Shuo ( 她說 ) She Says by 林俊傑 JJ Lin - Karaoke Lyrics on Smule. Most of them have big dreams of getting married to a rich man so that they can live a life of leisure and jet set around the world thinking this will satisfy them. All lyrics are property and copyright of their owners. Actually sent this song to a friend of mine .. 逛街! Posted by 林俊傑 JJ Lin on Thursday, November 19, 2015. i hope you know she doesn't mean you. But She does not want to divorce the money either, but her hunger for the love that she craves and the prison that she has placed herself in is impossible - she pulls down the shade and hangs her head and cries. If his woman respects him, she should let him go and be with the guy that she loves. Lyrics to 'Beautiful (手心的蔷薇)' by JJ Lin (林俊傑). I agree with the post about female sociopaths. Yes, she is lying to her husband, and it's obvious; but she is also lying to herself. All I can say is that Kristin isthesame old girl everyone knew in school. Lonely and contemplating marriage. Song meanings ©2003-2020 lyricinterpretations.com, Creedence Clearwater Revival song meanings. She Say Lyrics: You know Wild Boy Ace made it / It's Swan / My stack weren't growing / I had to keep it going / Police locked half my G's / My stack weren't growing / I had to keep it going She can't let go of her life because the boy is poor and can not offer her anything; or money which is important to her. gets it but something is missing She was promiscuous, she loved sex with the boys that she use to play around with and she thinks about one in particular from school. })(); (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); This is definitely one of my favorite Eagles songs. if anyone has watched "The Notebook" i rekon that this song follows the story of that movie. In this music video, JJ Lin plays a role of store assistant at the convenience mart. Lin's ninth studio album, Lost N Found (學不會) was released on 31 December 2011. All along her husband knows he can't provide the passion she needs so he looks the other way while she cheats. She promised the one she loves that in a time she will be with him ( which is a lie) because she wants the best of both worlds. And while this may be exciting for a time, a big house, social parties, big cars and money she still has to grow up and become mature. }; Her mastered coquettish smile is no disguise; to her husband, to her lover, to herself. She is either alone in the big house or she is going to have sex with him again so she pours herself a strong one and hangs her head to cry. Those raging hormones that drove her to learn what it is a man likes forever haunts her in her passionless relationship. View JJ Lin (林俊傑) song lyrics by popularity along with songs featured in, albums, videos and song meanings. She Says Tab by Sungha Jung with free online tab player. Listen while you read! I’m sure this happens many times to pop stars and they just ignore it because they just end up getting swamped by fans and can’t enjoy the rest of their day. She Says hits 31 Million viewers until now. One can be alone but not lonely, your friend must learn how to be alone and to accept that being alone will not make one feel lonely. Well in this story a young girl employs her charms upon an old man who is swept off his feet. Highlight. and when she says she wants somebody else. As long as the money is there the young woman will tolerate a cold, indifferent marriage and find her pleasure elsewhere. She keps telling him (the one he loves) that it will only be a little longer before she comes for him. disorder, a propensity for alcohol and/or drug addiction. But contemplating marriage? artist: "Eagles", Home / By Artist. Welcome Offer: 80% OFF on annual membership of Ultimate Guitar Pro Try Now. Marriage is a serious matter and one must marry for love. She'll get what she needs outside of the marriage but will always come back to the money and finer things in life that her husband provides for her. She gets the both of both worlds..a man who gives her the world and a boy from the past who she wishes could. Don’t have an account? The girl with the 'lying eyes' wouldn't feel guilty about her evil behavior unless she had a conscience. Just a thought. We have 0 albums and 62 song lyrics in our database. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. He thinks that she should realise that he knows that she is having an affair....left thinking ...did she confess...did he confront her.......You cant hide lying eyes.... Young person tries the easy way... Non-lyrical content copyright 1999-2020 SongMeanings, Javascript must be enabled for the correct page display. But she and her husband have nothing in common, nothing to talk about. By the way, this can work for either gender. Their home is devoid of warmth as they’ve nothing to share with each other. She gets into her car and the young man leans into her window and they kiss - she swears that one day they will not have to part. Please tell your friend that if the younger woman is cheating, she will still cheat even if he marries her. RIFF-it good. The parts of song about "feelings" would not relate to sociopaths but all other lyrics seem to (lying eyes, smile a thin disguise....two powerful sociopath characteristics). Lyin' Eyes song meanings Add your thoughts 38 Comments. Top Jj Lin Lyrics A Song For You Till The End Of Time Now That She's Gone Endless Road Cries In A Distance. This song qS sent to him to give him the glimpse of the future should he marry her. What happened to her? He knows what she is doing - either by his social influences, or he accepts the fact that he wants to keep his young love; and he does love her. Review: RIFF-it. She cannot sleep as she lay in bed. Not all women dream of lavish meals and trips. In the end she realizes what she has done and feels like a fool. shei hai ji de shi shei xian shuo yong yuan de ai wo yi qian de yi ju hua shi wo men yi hou de shang kou guo le tai jiu mei ren ji de d The narrator is obviously a country dweller who tells the tale of how riches, cannot fill every void in one's life; especially this city girl who woefully comes to this realization. Yet it is an empty marriage because there is no real love between them.

jj lin she says lyrics meaning

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