For handy DIY renovators who want that coastal, casual look without the cash, inexpensive laminate flooring looks just as good. If not FRP glue, what about water based contact cement? This is a quick "how to" video to help guide you through installing laminate flooring in a wall application. A horizontal arrangement of planks in either a shiplap effect or pallet wood plank wall style can deliver either a modern or rustic look. You will have added support for the screws bearing the weight. This is a great subject. Using a Stud Finder, locate and mark the location of each stud. It may seem a bit of an installation challenge, but putting up engineered planks on walls is actually easier than it seems.The great thing about engineered hardwood flooring is that it is technologically innovative, which means that you can install planks on walls anywhere, even in areas where solid hardwood is not recommended. When repairing irregularities, screw on a sheet of plywood (as thin as you can get) on the wall before installing laminate wood walls. Laminate is durable and comes in a wider variety of finishes than wood. So if that wall is going to be mostly covered with furniture, you may have to let the laminate be unparalleled at the wall where it wouldn't be as noticeable, it would be more noticeable at the tile. I don't know of any laminate floor that gets glued or nailed down, maybe the joints get glued on some, like the old pergo. Laminate flooring planks install with a tongue and groove system, so each plank has a tongued side and a grooved side. I have a bunch of bathrooms that need laminate on the walls and am trying to avoid using contact cement in this facility if possible. Install wood flooring on walls quickly and easily. To insure your laminate flooring stays securely in place, you should secure the planks to the wall in the location of the studs. I have an old laminate floor on a subfloor that used only 1/2" wood (so it's bouncy). Lay your bottom plate on the laminate where it needs to go and mark each side, then set your saw to just barely go thru the laminate and cut. Before mounting a TV or other items, screw in a sheet of plywood on the wall first and then install the laminate planks on top of the plywood. Wood flooring can cost up to $10 per square foot, with laminate nearly half the price averaging $5.50 per square foot. I tried a sample piece of laminate with FRP glue on some sheetrock, and it seemed to work fine, but I don't know how it would work on an entire bathroom. I considered doing the same thing and was encouraged to not screw anything into a floating laminate floor. When installing laminate flooring I have to decide where I want it to be parallel, the wall can be way off sometimes in relation to the ceramic tile. Installing laminate flooring in unsquare rooms is remarkably easy, since most systems today are "floating" floors that don't require glue or nails. its a floating floor, its suppose to move. A lighter, less earth-toned laminate looks trendy while an irregular board arrangement appearance brings the country to your home. But laying out the laminate floor layout pattern ahead of time can still be complicated, especially in an older home with out-of-square walls. And it had better have the required expansion space along the wall edges. To ensure all the planks will be pieced together properly, you can use a thin (1/4") sheet of plywood over the area of wall you'd like to cover. It doesn't hurt for slightly more laminate to be removed than needed for the stud wall as the wall covering and base board will hide it.

can you nail laminate flooring to the wall

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