If you require service, please open a support ticket and return the tuner for repair. Tune your banjo for better sound while playing scales & chords! Connect the adaptor to your phone, plug the PitchGrabber in, and launch your favorite tuning app! If you cannot see the accuracy, it is of little value. No Data Available compare this app. Practice your music lessons. For the Peterson StroboClip HD™, Peterson took the same tenth-of-a-cent accuracy and pin-point precise strobe tuning technology known from their state-of-the-art pedal and rack tuners, crammed it into a new small and sleek-looking enclosure that’ll fit straight on your instrument and all at a fraction of the cost! The tuner app goes dead (freezes up) after I plug in all the adapter cables until I close the Peterson app and then re-open it, but only if the app is open when I plug the cables in! Definitely one of the best guitar tuners of its kind. See All Pitch Grabber Mobile Tuning Clip Reviews. Unlike more modern Peterson strobes, legacy models such as the Peterson 400, 420, 450 and 700 do require occasional calibration. Tune your five strings banjo in seconds in precise, responsive and easy to way. Best Banjo Tuner App. iOS Overall Review: N/A. Peterson Strobe Tuner's popular StroboSoft tuning application iStroboSoft™ offers the unmatched accuracy of a mechanical strobe tuner for the highest degree of precision available in a software tuning application. The accuracy is bar none. Plug in your Peterson device with a ( micro or mini ) USB cable. An important thing to note is that Peterson Strobe Tuners have ultra high definition displays, so not only are they highly accurate in detecting a note but they have the ability to display that accuracy. From the folks at Peterson Tuners, the iStroboSoft app is one of the pricier options on the market for iOS or Android. Airyware Tuner is a full-featured, professional tuning app for iOS, Android and Windows, designed to help you tune musical instruments quickly and accurately, regardless of whether you perform at home, on the stage, or outdoor. Apto para compartir si se compró después del 2 de julio de 2016. Peterson VS-R StroboRack Tuner. Perfect for tuning in noisy environments. Profesional afinador estroboscópico cromática. It may then take a few minutes for your computer to install drivers ( first time only ). You said you'd prefer a miniature real strobe tuner. Designed for both iOS and Android devices, the Peterson Adaptor Cable provides a direct connection to iStroboSoft to allow reliable tuning in even the noisiest environments. From: Christchurch, New Zealand: Posted 12 Dec 2018 4:15 pm . © 2020 Peterson Electro-Musical Products, Inc. No part or parts may be copied or reproduced without the express written consent of Peterson Electro-Musical Products, Inc. Yes. Usually, your OS will play a sound upon connecting. Quickly change tempo or subdivisions with just a few taps. Peterson Electro-Musical Products, Inc. has been manufacturing electronic tuners since 1948. iStroboSoft™ Application for the Android Phones ***In-app purchases are not available at this time. Directly plug in your guitar or bass for tuning or use an external microphone to tune brass or wind instruments. On earlier models such as the StroboStomp 1, StroboStomp 2, VS-1, VS-II and V-SAM, the strobe image travels upward if your instrument is sharp and downward if your instrument is flat of the desired pitch. You'll quickly learn to read the display, make the most precise adjustments and appreciate the high resolution that only a Peterson provides. Help others find this information sooner. Android Compatibility: Yes (3.5mm input req'd), iPhone Compatibility: iPhone 5 + (iPhone 7 series requires adaptor), Product Dimensions LxWxH: 0.75" x 1.25" x 2.75", Reviews | Pitch Grabber Mobile Tuning Clip. This app will work inline with the Peterson website and does NOT launch independently. Very helpful when using Peterson iStroboSoft iPhone Tuner app - provides strong, steady guitar input in quiet and noisy environments. In order to use the advance features of your Peterson Connect product, you will need to install an additional feature for Google Chrome. Peterson Strobe Tuner's popular StroboSoft tuning application iStroboSoft™ offers the unmatched accuracy of a mechanical strobe tuner for the highest degree of precision available in a software tuning application. StroboClip HD™ The Perfect Tuner. Free Free In-App Purchases. Can be attached to a key ring or lanyard for easy access. Designed for use with your iOS or Android-based mobile device. Al comprar este elemento, estás realizando una transacción con Google Payments y aceptas las, Sintonizador de instrumentos microtonal para entonación justa y afinaciones tradicionales. Airyware Tuner. Shop for Peterson products and view exclusive online offers. Adjust your instrument until the pattern is as close to still as possible. Classic gear, big price. Peterson is dedicated to developing professional grade tuning equipment by excellence through innovation. Peterson stomp pedal tuner Love this it's the most accurate tuner I've used. The Body Beat Pulse™ Solo extends the extremely popular Peterson Body Beat’s tactile tempo feedback to a very affordable device that uses the audio output of any metronome app or traditional metronome that has a headphone output jack. I am a Peterson customer for life!!!!! Other products claim accuracy but do not have the high definition screen to display the level of accuracy in which they claim. iStroboSoft from Peterson Tuners delivers the high performance and ultra-fine tuning accuracy of a traditional strobe tuner to your mobile device for a portable tuning solution you can trust. But is it the best guitar tuner for you? Una herramienta para la visualización de sonido que se puede utilizar para afinar pianos. iStroboSoft™ Application for the Android Phones, Aplicación iStroboSoft ™ para los teléfonos Android, Entonal Tuner - Microtonal Instrument Tuning. *Compatible with the lightning-to-audio adaptor cable from Apple. This device will require a dock connector mic. Wide jaws clip on to the lead pipe, barrel of a flute, or any round tubing on horns without marring the instrument. Visit: http://www.petersontuners.com/stroboplushdThe StroboPlus HD is the most versatile desktop strobe tuner we've ever created. El Afinador de Instrumentos es un afinador cromático para tu teléfono móvil. Easily tune your acoustic guitar, woodwind, or brass instruments. Love the presets and you can change color of display do you can change on the fly. Guitarra, bajo, violín, piano, otros 400+. The sensitivity is perfect for use with the iStroboSoft™ tuning application by Peterson Tuners. There are no entries matching your search. Some USB cables are only made for charging. $13.27 $ 13. CarlTune is a multi-instrument tuner. Be sure that your USB cable is capable of data communication. In addition to an accurate and easy-to-read tuner, this app also offers users a metronome and a chord library. Plug in and tune your electrics and acoustics quickly and easily with 1/10th cent accuracy. On my end, I have found this app to be one of the most consistently stable and extremely accurate chromatic tuners on my bench (including my original Peterson VSII). iStroboSoft™ offers the unmatched accuracy of a mechanical strobe tuner for the highest degree of precision available in a software tuning application. Back . Your operating system needs to detect and install the USB device before this website can begin communicating with it. Yes, the accuracy is within 0.1 cents (1/1000 of one semitone) as with all Peterson Strobe Tuners. VITALtuner. Really helpful when tuning my harp in an orchestra setting. Automatically activates the line-in connection and bypasses the built-in mic on your device for worry-free input toggling. Select a maximum of 4 products to compare. Peterson Connect for Google Chrome allows you to synchronize your Peterson product with the Peterson website. Also works with iPod® Classic, iPhone™, iPad™ and iPod® Nano to be used as a recording device. Generally, your tuner will not require calibration and should remain perfectly accurate if it has not been damaged. iPod, iPhone and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. *COMPATIBLE WITH APPLE LIGHTNING-TO-AUDIO ADAPTORS Create user prese… Can be used with any iTunes application that uses a microphone as an input. The Verdict: … Customer support is amazing. BodyBeat Metronome 2.0 Ratings 4+ Reviews 100 Downloads Cost. My phone has a headphone/mic jack so no other adapter is needed. Compatible with Android devices using a 3.5mm input and all iPhones including the iPhone 7 series when used with the Lightining to 3.5mm adaptor. Platform: iOS. Add professional tuning power to your DAW with StroboSoft's sLINK™ Technology. I always have my phone with me at gigs, but have been known to forget or lose a clip on tuner. Peterson Strobe Center 5000II 12 Wheel Strobe Tuner with Stretch Tuning 7-octave Strobe Tuner (C1-B8) with 12 Chromatic Strobe Discs, Wood Casing, Built-in Microphone, and +/- 0.1-cent Accuracy $ 3,654 .99 iOS- and Android-compatible. iStroboSoft™ Application for the Android Phones Peterson Strobe Tuner's popular StroboSoft tuning application iStroboSoft™ offers the unmatched accuracy of a mechanical strobe tuner for the highest degree of precision available in a software tuning application. (Image credit: Press Material) 10. When this app is installed, your USB connected Peterson device will integrate seamlessly within the various utilities offered on petersontuners.com for … For StroboStomp HD, be sure to disconnect instrument cable from the input. The BodyBeat metronome is a powerful tool to utilize during your rehearsal sessions due to its versatility and easy-to-access controls. Play the banjo cover you like most with a perfectly tuned music instrument. Paddy Long. You can use the Apple Lightning-to-audio adaptor with this accessory for guaranteeed connectivity. Your Peterson products may have additional functionality via Peterson Connect. For expanded editing features you’ll need the Roadie 2 app. Great addition..! Last edited by Greg Cutshaw on 26 Jul 2019 12:32 pm; edited 1 time in total: Jerry McNulty. Very handy! CarlTune. PitchGrabber Active Clip-On Pickup Active clip-on pick-up for use with your mobile device - tune guitar, bass, ukulele, banjo, mandolin, dobro, brass and woodwind instruments, violin, steel guitar, bagpipes, and more 27 $19.99 $19.99. Enables the iPod® touch to be used with applications requiring a microphone. But the $100 or so for my Strobostomp was money well spent. Visit the Apple App … The Pitch Grabber Mobile Tuning Clip gives me the ability to tune on stage from my Peterson iStroboSoft app quickly and easily in loud club atmosphere. So now I use another tuner, a Snark SN-8, (a respectfully accurate tuner for the price), for string changes and the like. ¿Traducir la descripción a Español (Latinoamérica) con Google Traductor? No No What Users Said. Help and support for all Peterson products. Use with a variety of instruments and tuning apps to totally isolate it from any other sound in the room permitting confident tuning even in the noisiest environments. Peterson Strobe Tuners' popular StroboSoft tuning application for the iPod touch® and iPhone™. Now, tune. Peterson Tuners Pitch Grabber Mobile Active Clip-On Pickup for Use with Mobile Instrument Tuning Apps.