Edward Burtynsky, Oil Bunkering #1, Niger Delta, Nigeria, 2016 Photo London is delighted to announce Canadian fine art photographer Edward Burtynsky as its Master of Photography for 2018. – Edward Burtynsky (Walrus, October 2013) "The project takes us over gouged landscapes, fractal patterned delta regions, ominously coloured biomorphic shapes, rigid and rectilinear stepwells, massive circular pivot irrigation plots, aquaculture and social, cultural and ritual gatherings. "Saw Mills #1, Lagos, Nigeria" (2016) Credit: Courtesy Edward BurtynskyEdward Burtynsky/Metivier Gallery, Toronto/Flowers Gallery, London I meet up with Burtynsky … Edward Burtynsky’s photographs capture what he calls “residual landscapes”: vast swathes of land that show the impact of human industry on the natural environment in places across the globe—Nigeria, Detroit, Bangladesh, Spain, among others. Offered by CHRISTOPHE GUYE GALERIE. — Edward Burtynsky * Extract from Burtynsky’s essay, “Life in the Anthropocene” in the Anthropocene book . Burtynsky had hired our helicopter for four hours, at a rate of two dollars per second, to document the ravages of oil theft in the estuaries along Nigeria’s southern coast. Edward Burtynsky is a legendary Canadian fine art photographer who specializes in chronicling the extraction and destruction of the earth and it’s ... How was the Nigeria … Edward Burtynsky Burtynsky is a landscape photographer who chronicles the devastation wrought by man on Earth. Rock incrusted mobile phones and plastic bags have become one of the scary realities of a new generation Edward Burtynsky is busy photographing. The world’s leading archeologists who have previously dug up some of the most intricate and astounding excavations are now discovering a new wave of ‘technofosils.’ This work is from his 2016 project Anthropocene, the third in a trilogy of series including Manufactured Landscapes (2006) and Watermark (2013). From Weinstein Gallery - Minneapolis, Edward Burtynsky, Saw Mills #1, Lagos, Nigeria (2016), Chromogenic print, 39 × 52 in For Sale on 1stdibs - Saw Mills #3, Log Booms, Lagos, Nigeria – Edward Burtynsky, Landscape, Colour, Pigment Print by Edward Burtynsky. Burtynsky’s practice eloquently chronicles human impact on the planet. Burtynsky is regarded as one of the world’s most accomplished contemporary photographers whose works are included in the collections of over 60 major museums around the world.