Triphenylphosphine oxide: EINECS: 212-338-8 CAS No. Slightly soluble in hexane and diethyl ether. Phosphine oxide, diphenyl-Phenylphosphonoylbenzene. % Triphenylphosphine 99.0 (min) % Triphenylphosphine Oxide 1.0 (max) Solubility Insoluble in water. diphenyl phosphine oxide Structure, properties, spectra, suppliers and links for: Triphenylphosphine oxide, 791-28-6, Ph3P=O. Jump to main content Jump to site nav. : λ max: 224 nm Supplied as: A crystalline solid Storage: -20°C Stability: ≥2 years Information represents the product specifications. : 791-28-6 Formal Name: triphenyl-phosphine oxide Synonyms: PNSC 398, TPPO MF: C 18H 15OP FW: 278.3 Purity: ≥98% UV/Vis. Soluble in xylene, toluene, acetone, carbon tetrachloride and ethers. Chemsrc provides Triphenylphosphine oxide(CAS#:791-28-6) MSDS, density, melting point, boiling point, structure, formula, molecular weight etc. Slightly soluble in hexane and diethyl ether. Applications. Kumamoto University, Kumamoto, Japan. Diphenylphosphine oxide. Form Supplied in: colorless crystalline solid. Solubility Information: Soluble in polar organic solvents. Triphenylphosphine oxide is used as a catalyst, Lewis base, ligand for metals and starting material for the preparation of other phosphorus compounds. 4559-70-0. Formula Weight: 278.29: Percent Purity: 99%: Chemical Name or Material: Triphenylphosphine oxide Formula Weight: 278.29: Physical Form: Crystalline Powder or Flakes: Percent Purity: 99% Chemical Name or Material: Triphenylphosphine oxide: Show More Show Less Soluble in polar organic solvents. Triphenylphosphine Oxide. Solubility Information: Solubility in water: slightly soluble. Triphenylphosphine oxide (often abbreviated TPPO) is the organophosphorus compound with the formula OP(C 6 H 5) 3, also written as Ph 3 PO or PPh 3 O (Ph = C 6 H 5).This colourless crystalline compound is a common but potentially useful waste product in reactions involving triphenylphosphine.It is a popular reagent to induce the crystallizing of chemical compounds. deficiencies: other: Guidline study Data source Articles of Triphenylphosphine oxide … 791-28-6: Density: 1.17g/cm 3: Solubility: slightly soluble in water Melting Point: 154-158 °C: Formula: C 18 H 15 OP Boiling Point: 462.9 °C at 760 mmHg Molecular Weight: 278.29 Flash Point water solubility Type of information: experimental study Adequacy of study: other information Reliability: 2 (reliable with restrictions) Rationale for reliability incl. Insoluble in water. Insoluble in water. Masaharu Sugiura. In a study according to EU Method A.6 (flask method) the water solubility of the test item was determined to be 369 mg/L at 20 °C. Triphenylphosphine oxide Catalog No. ... Solubility: soluble in most organic solvents, slightly soluble in hexane and diethyl ether, insoluble in water. 9000289 CAS Registry No. Slightly souble in petroleum ether and alcohol. It is also used in epoxidations, Michael reactions and coupling reactions.

triphenylphosphine oxide solubility in water

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