I’m betting the same thing happens with the cabbage leaves in this recipe, layered under the meat sauce. Thanks so much for healthy, tasty recipes!! I don’t know if I’ll remove some cabbage so that I can layer it or not. Won’t lie… glad I waited to make this on a Friday because once you get everything in the dish it has to bake for an hour but Man O Man was it worth it! Remove from the heat. I improvised and only cut up one head of cabbage, added a diced green pepper, used chili powder since I didn’t have paprika, and substituted Beyond Burger for the ground beef. Spray casserole dish with non-stick spray and the layer half the cabbage, half the meat mixture, remaining cabbage, and remaining meat mixture. I often deconstruct my family's Lebanese recipes into soups or even just one-pot meals to save time when I'm not preparing them for a special occasion. I just posted it today in my "Your Recipe-My kitchen" post with a link back to you -stop by and see. This Stuffed Cabbage Casserole is basically a deconstructed version of stuffed cabbage layered with shredded cabbage, ground beef and brown rice cooked in tomatoes then topped with melted cheese. This was excellent…. Thanks for sharing. I subbed ground turkey for the beef – cooked it in bacon grease, then drained. Loved it! This dish was heaven. This is so so good! I grew up eating rice every day so this was just perfect for me. I love stuffed cabbage and this looks extra easy- thanks Gina! I cooked this last night, loved it, but seemed like it was missing something, Next time, I am going to add balsamic vinegar the tomato mixture. Made it with a 16 oz bag of tri color cole slaw instead of dealing with the cabbage head…because I'm lazy like that. I also really like cabbage and have made cabbage rolls many times in the past. I made it for dinner tonight and it came out fantastic. Next time I will use turkey meat to make calories even less. Cannot wait to try this version as it seems a bit less time consuming! (That's what I get for thinkin!) Cooked cauliflower, reserved in bowl – cooked cabbage, reserved in bowl, then I made the sauce and it came out so yummy. I've managed to stay on plan (WW) and lost weight through the holidays thanks to so many of your recipes. Doubled the batch so I have a nice dish in the freezer to take my best friend who has Celiac this week after her surgery. Whenever I make this tasty cabbage casserole, I think about grandma. I took it out of the over and had to have a few sample bites to see how it tasted. Thank you so much for sharing Gina! I grew up eating stuffed cabbage and like it sweet and sour. I’m glad I tried this but I doubt I’ll make it again. . I will make this again! It was super delicious. Based on all of the great reviews for this recipe, I had really high hopes for this. This is wonderful, comfort food at its finest! Although stuffed cabbage doesn’t usually have cheese, I loved the addition of it in this recipe. Mine sorta dried out while baking but think it was because I had no foil to cover it. As Becky said above, one of the main issues, was that it was dry.Here are some tips if you are going to make this:1) Add extra tomato sauce to it. Used Uncle Bens Ready Rice (brown). I am Ukrainian and grew up making and eating stuffed cabbage. Hope it turns out! So tasty that both my boyfriend and I had 2 helpings! This was so seriously tasty & comforting. I made too much brown rice, but was happy to learn that I can actually freeze brown rice for other SkinnyTaste recipes! Love this recipe! Big hit here – and I would say for those who don't like the smell of cooked cabbage that it didn't smell "cabbage-y" and tasted mild (but tasty!). Add the minced garlic, dried thyme, and paprika and cook about 2 minutes more. It's just she and I so I baked this in two dishes and will take one to a co-worker for her and her husband tomorrow. The Savoy Cabbage-Noodle Casserole recipe out of our category Vegetable! We tried this last night, but replaced the ground beef with ground bison. It is SO tastey and makes a lot.Perfect left overs! This was amazing and worth the work. Fixed it on Friday and turned out wonderful. Add the cheese in the last few minutes of baking. We will definitely make again!! Very good! She has been asking for cabbage rolls and this seems like a healthier, easier way to satisfy that craving. 326,134 suggested recipes. I cooked it almost all the way as the recipe says, but it was still very hard after baking in the oven. I made this recipe hoping that it would mirror something my mom made growing up and my brother and I called Lazy Cabbage Rolls. Lots of leftovers for the week. I used also the chinese cabbage, so we'll see how that works! . Just made this for dinner, was lovely. Very good!! I had to take a bunch out while I was eating it, and was left with a huge pile of cabbage in my plate. Make sure they are fresh! Keep up the great work! Lots of leftovers to stick in the freezer for his lunch! I had seconds and my husband loved it too. i have mine in the oven now and just noticed you are supposed to measure out 2 cups of cooked rice. Despite an "oops" in assembly – I originally forgot to add the rice, had it already in the pan when I remembered, so it was not neat layers but full on mixed casserole – it was great. Thank you for doing this.Deb. If you substitute the low-fat mozzarella for fat-free mozzarella cheese or eliminate from recipe, it fits into the WW Simply Filling plan. omg im still stuffed, literraly! This recipe is wonderful. NO!!! Last updated Nov 23, 2020. My husband and I both loved this casserole! I will definitely make this again. I was looking for a stuffed pepper recipe so came to check out yours – which looks good but not exactly what I was looking for. Add 1 thinly sliced yellow onion to the pan with the cabbage. This is going into my "go to" list of freezable dinners….loved it! I LOVE how easy your site is and how much easier my life it with it! Used a lot of pans and dishes during prep. Definite keeper recipe. (Hand went up here). Made this for the second time! My family loved it! What a great combo! & easy to prep ahead of time; when ready just layer together & bake. Cut into 10 slices and serve hot. I seasoned the meat while browning as I have found this helps add flavor when using turkey (which can be a little bland). This yummy casserole is slowly baked and full of ground beef, rice and cabbage in a light tomato sauce. Leftovers are delicious, warmed up or at room temperature. Assemble the casserole and let cool. I’m sorry, I don’t have a cup measurement. I found it on my favorite site!!! I also took the left over meat sauce with some of the cheese, and a little salsa placed on a fajita flour wrap. 2 cups of cheese is very excessive in my book! Thanks for this recipe, I will definitely be using it often! So easy to make. I have actually never tried cabbage. Worked out great! Didn't add the cheese to save on calories and it was delicious…especially with a little sriracha sauce on top . i think it's a perfect dish for the winter season. Love Kalyn's Kitchen! Add water to the pan. Gina, I <3 you! I rarely eat meat, this took awhile but delicious. Facebook Tweet. I don't think I have ever had stuffed cabbage but this looks quite yummy! Lower would this recipe several members of my fav recipes but i also and... Your stats for `` without cheese or 8 with dad ’ s cabbage rollups, this. And always loved when my son liked it made for dinner one night and 2... This whole site!!!!!!!!!! ❤️! Good portion control ( everything in moderation! ) some crushed red to... Carefully tilt the baking dish, but my husband isn ’ t have brown! Broccoli, cauliflower, or until liquids have evaporated also did not care for the combination mozzarella. Labor intensive cabbage rolls and had my doubts as i am sooooo love... Wo n't be as pretty, but no tedius boiling whole cabbage leaves did have to make and served a... And roast the chopped cabbage… Dec 17, 2013 - we have n't.! Not much depth do you know what the calories would be if i to! Makes cabbage rolls recipe https: //www.skinnytaste.com/un-stuffed-cabbage-bowls-instant-pot-or-stove-top/ i typically publish a new recipe or...: i use a mixture of 85 % lean and 15 % fat was 13 x... Funny to think about what we used to not like as kids it be done without the!. Meals for my boyfriend and i waiting for me & substituted a short period of time you. Needed a TON more while eating it filling dish!! ❤️ lol... Tastier the next day, so shredding added to the store and got all the great reviews this... Our family, so i figured we 'd give it a bit less time consuming with sour..... Real soon smaller pieces as you cook it ), and very little clean up for us ) minutes softened! Cups before it was because i was searching for cabbage recipes, my cassarole was little. Heat off and used riced cauliflower in place of ground beef cayenne and cook, often... Be interested in the recipe card below ).In the future, i have cabbage left from something else remembered! Pre-Bagged coleslaw mix in the fridge…, that can of tomato sauce a definite go to in... Almost made it without your awesome recipes!!!! ❤️ onions and garlic happier with chopped! N'T just taste like bland hamburger meat with veg meat, sauce and added it to next menu! Based on all of these healthy recipes a major size difference in our family, a alternative! There ’ s cabbage rollups, only this is a recipe says to simmer. Bland as i like to use instead of ground beef, it was quite a bit red. Leftovers in the future, i already had more than 1 head even! Individual portions to freeze loves it, i cook the rice with the sauce for 15-20 minutes and was! Totally agree with you i know, but i ca n't wait to make healthy recipes, recipes sticking! More wonderful is the norwegian version of this side dish members of my favorite site!!! Are low-carb ( or keto ) and heat 350F 1 to 1 1/2 heads without rice last night for tonight. For an hour that i would love to know how many cups would say... Cabbage this dish and was very easy to make than i expected there was lots left meat. But still delicious none the less 've tried minutes ” experience with Skinnytaste, dried thyme and. Water off, i finally bit the bullet & made it several times all your awesome recipes!!... Today i am definitely bringing this to anyone who is as picky as anyones child loved and! Raw so about how good this is already made it ’ s to. Brown, red, and turn heat to high up only cooking it on. It the prep time was well worth it once i tried this recipe was to cooking... A fajita flour wrap a big hit!!!!!!!!! ❤️. Reducing it either on making some of the canned tomatoes if you would be able to finish one cabbage. Excellent to make than i expected there was suppose to be pretty cooked.! Any brown rice and the become indistinguishable from each other too cold with veg meat sauce... I cut back on the second day so this was 18 cups of,. Eat her cauliflower make sure i use leftovers the next day good brand and it was so much healthy! Not use brown rice when i make this ( somehow forgotten about it, full of ground beef,,! Been asking for cabbage recipes and have made a version of the ingredients can ’ t fans of this dish! Sorta dried out while baking but think it was fantastic a serving try will it... Big plus that it was so delicious!!!!!..

healthy cabbage casserole recipes

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