You … Find your sense of stability and balance with the Earth by practicing a grounding meditation or Root Chakra meditation. Movies. Volunteer. We as a part of this world should do our part to this alarming state by doing our own share of protecting her with simple things thats will stir big difference. People all over the world celebrate this grand event to protect flora and fauna and to clean up the earth on which we live. The Diocese of Trenton is committed to the initiatives outlined in the U.S. Bishop's Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People in regard to the reporting and investigation of sexual abuse allegations involving minors. Your promise might seem fairly small individually, but millions of people taking these actions together will have a massive, powerful impact. Dear Mother Earth,I am sorry for the way we have treatedI am sorry for the garbage we have thrown in your seasI am sorry for the pollution we have put in your precious airI am sorry for the beautiful animals we have extinctedI am sorry for all the majestic trees we have demolished in our path to personal successI like to believe that when the Industrial Revolution began no one A pledge to protect the Mother nature, Earth Day 2020 Now, more than ever, let’s support Mother Earth, the most nurturing mother who provides us with food, shelter and clothes. If I promise any thing and not ensure , I shall feel guilty. We Pledge to Protect our Mother Earth (Writing) 1. Ways to Save Mother Earth Part 2 (A sequel to the hub titled,Ways to Save Mother Earth on our other account) Mother Nature has granted all the living creatures with copious blessings from shelter to clothing to food. 25.1k Likes, 160 Comments - Nina Agdal (@ninaagdal) on Instagram: “I promise to continue to try and protect our mother earth in 2020 cus she is everything to all of…” Australian fires, heat records and the worst locust invasion in Kenya. Our Promise: Welcome to Care2, the world’s largest community for good. I will protect our Mother Earth, just like how I protect my family because I know that I will never have another one. We want everyone to make a simple change to their everyday life that will help protect our planet. We will make a series of stands along the route – nonviolent but resolute displays of our continued opposition to a project that endangers us all. My first role in nature is to reduce my ... thousands of youths can unite together towards nature conservation then one day our efforts will be a drastic step to protect our motherland Earth from destruction. A Call to Protect Mother Earth. We are well aware that the earth is suffering severely from pollution woes and this has already led the way to massive climate changes round the globe. Thank you for taking care of us.. for so long.. Now it's our turn…We know that we are safe in your caring hands… But only as long as you are.. We promise to take save trees, protect nature & environment in order to keep you healthy.. … We often forget that we are mere speck of dust and absolutely nothing without you .. Budget should keep its promise of 'Green Mother Earth and Blue Skies' July 2, 2019. OUR PROMISE TO PROTECT. Life in the world is one, it is mother Earth that created us and other animals and plants. Mother earth has been giving us so much since ages. My name is Ojaswini Pandey and I am 11 years old. Protect Mother Earth And Protect Our Future - Let's Pledge To Reduce Global Warming. Watch the video for Man's Promise to Mother Earth from Gandalf's Gates to Secret Realities for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. A PROMISE TO MOTHER EARTH. Release Calendar DVD & Blu-ray Releases Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon Movie News India Movie Spotlight. Looking back, this date was a really fun experience, and I did have my boyfriend there to protect me which made me feel a lot better. For the purpose of honoring and celebrating Gaia, Mother Earth, here are few rituals to help you form a greater connection with her: Meditate. Earth Day Wishes 2020, Inspirational Messages & Quotes on Mother Earth by admin Earth Day is an annual celebration in which different kinds of events are held across the world in order to motivate people to work and support for protection of environment. 4. Let's help to make the world a better place. Pledge to Mother Earth Our planet is gasping for breath, harmful pollutants is indeed choking her slowly and continues to stripped her with her ozone layer. I will oppose the groups who destroy our Mother Earth whether they did it on purpose or not. Search for energy vampires – and zap them Not throw away paper when just the front side is written on; use the backside, too. Develop policies to protect Mother Earth from the multinational and international scope of the exploitation of its components, from the commodification of living systems or the processes that support them, and from the structural causes and effects of global climate change. Cut down on what you throw away. [World] My 3 promises to protect our Mother Earth - Essay - Junior Engineering Academy - Tunza Eco Generation Go to menu Go to content. So, help me God. Menu. 7 Simple Ways to Preserve Mother Earth ... guided me through the maze. Turn off the water when I’m brushing my teeth. There is no reason. As we approach Mother's Day, it makes me think about the unconditional love and tireless care that my Mom gave me, even though I was a troublesome and needy kid who tested her patience over and over! A pledge is a promise to act in a specific way in the future. Posted 15-01-2013 20:20; I too have the responsibilities to my mother earth. As parents and teachers, we often underestimate the change that kids are capable of making. Find 10 minutes in your day for meditation. Now we face COVID -19, a … Our Earth is the only planet with the continuity of life so it becomes more and more important to generate a sense of urgency of saving our mother earth from all sorts of planet harming activities. Make an Earth Day Pledge to help kids feel like they are making a contribution to the future of our environment and the health of our planet. There is no rhyme. Join the Promise to Protect and commit to traveling to the pipeline route to engage in peaceful, creative resistance to Keystone XL when the call is put out by frontline communities to help stop this Black Snake. At the edge of NOW. Plant a tree. The International Mother Earth Day is just happened and the Mother Earth’s cries for help now ring louder than ever. My Promise To Mother Earth . From mining salt, coal, ore, oil gas and so on: the Glaciers are melting and climate is changing at a rapid pace. Nature is suffering. Volunteer for cleanups in your community. Follow the three "R's" to conserve natural resources and landfill space. Always Happy - Always Free. A Promise to Mother Earth-Through Suzanne Lie 11-25-17. Ten Simple Things You Can Do to Help Protect the Earth. And we all the world should live according to the laws of mother nature, so we can get rid of all disease, suffering, and destruction. All of these, I pledge as a student, a Filipino and as a God- fearing person. Through Suzanne Lie . 0 have signed. 1. ... We've made a promise to protect the rights of women and of LGBTQ folks. Related Link on How Sustainable Development Can Ease Out Environmental Problems. Within that NOW, there is no time. Let’s get to 15,000! Mother Earth is clearly urging a call to action. Thank you for asking this question… Because we have no other way to secure the human existence.. She is crying out louder now, begging for someone to come and to remember her, to protect her against the atrocities that are taking place on her soil and in her sky. Learn how just 10 easy changes can make a big difference in your health and the health of the environment, all at the same time. Our mother earth needs to be saved as our survival depends completely on … Mother Earth, Mother Earth, it's a great place to be! Ojaswini Pandey started this petition to United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and 6 others. At home, at school, in the community, and even by helping get laws passed that protect the planet, children can be leaders in caring for the planet. Blog. Provisions in the interim budget need to be taken forward to provide clean … I know there is a way to be. What is a Pledge? Dear Mother Earth.. Hope you are doing great. Earth Day for Kids: 9 Ways to Protect the Planet Year Round. Let’s save our ‘Mother Earth’ It is the only planet in our solar system on which life exists with incredible biodiversity. So for My participation need more time to think. I recently read an article that talks about how plastic bags are more friendly and cost-effective on the Planet than … 10 Ways to Protect the Environment — and Your Own Health. You could switch to a green energy supplier, compost your leftover food, or carry a reusable coffee cup. —Promise to Protect Endorsed by Native tribes, green groups, and high-profile environmentalists, the " Promise to Protect " call to action argues that making "a concerted stand" against TransCanada's $8 billion dirty energy project "will make other fossil fuel companies think that much harder about their own expansion plans." Make a Pledge to the Earth to do your part to make this world a greener place to live with these 5 fun ways to make an Earth Day pledge. Over centuries of being forgotten, her female protectors locked behind walls, our mother earth is suffering – burned, scarred, abused, and ignored. Earth day is celebrated on 22nd April every year. This in turn, caused me to reflect on the bounty that Mother Earth provides us humans, even though we thoughtlessly poll Here, you’ll find over 45 million like-minded people working towards progress, kindness, and lasting impact. Reduce, reuse, and recycle. Care2 Stands Against: bigots, racists, bullies, science deniers, misogynists, gun lobbyists, xenophobes, the willfully ignorant, animal abusers, frackers, and other mean people.
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